Currently: September | Carrie Camera

thinking about final renovations in my craft room – specifically where I want shelves hung. I was thinking of hanging them on the purple wall, but I kind of love having it completely bare. It’s such a cool statement wall.

taking lots of pictures again, but not working on Project Life as much as I’d like to be keeping up on it.

wanting so much from my life, but not sure of the best path to take yet. I feel like I am at a crossroads.

wishing that I would win the lottery and just travel the world.

itching like a crazy woman at my fingers because I am having a bad eczema outbreak right now. No fun! Any tips to clear it up? I’ve had it my whole life and still haven’t found the magic cure.

freaking out excited for the Body of Work Live event that I get to attend, and fangirling over how excited I am to (hopefully) meet my idol mentor, Todd Henry there.

starting Weight Watchers again and looking forward to getting back on track since that program has really worked for me in the past.

watching the Beatles Anthology and The Dick Van Dyke Show (random, I know). Also rented Good Ol’ Freda from iTunes the other night, and I LOVED it. It’s a documentary about the Beatles secretary during the height of their fame. AND I saw a preview of Captain Phillips last night and it was great, but very very very intense. Movie Watching City for me lately.

feeling overwhelmed with all of the tasks that are piling up on me – both at work and at home.

sending love to my friends who just lost someone dear to them. My heart is heavy for them. ♥


Week In The Life: Sunday

At last…here we are at my final post for Week In The Life 2013. WITL was an awesome project, and one that I want to continue to do year after year now. I didn’t let myself get bummed out or disappointed when I saw other peoples’ blogs with 50 pictures from their day, because I knew that snapping just five great pictures per day would be a great thing for me to accomplish right now. It definitely helped me to get back in the swing of using my “big camera,” and I have thought to myself several times over the past couple of days, “oh, silly Carrie, you don’t have to take pictures of that tiny thing that happened to you today because you’re not doing Week In The Life anymore.” Taking pictures is a good habit for me to get in to EVERYday. | Breakfast on the Beach | San Diego Boardwalk | San Diego Surfers | Feet in the sand | long drive home | Carrie and Kirby

9:30am: Were you jealous of that breakfast on the beach picture for a moment? Yeah, you shouldn’t be. It was a GORGEOUS view that was worth the cost of the $8 breakfast burrito, but the burrito itself was disgusting. My mom and I split it and we ate most of it while we were sitting there, but now that I’m looking back at that picture it makes me want to barf.

10:00am: We walked for quite a while on the San Diego boardwalk. Conversations mostly related to how skinny we would be if we lived there, because we would walk/bike/jog every day, and about the houses that line the boardwalk. We both agreed that we check out the houses just as much as we check out the ocean.

11:00am: Walked out onto the pier and stared at the dozens of surfers for a good long while. There were two in particular that we chose to pick on – one SUPER hot long-haired boy that I drooled over for too long (and blushed like crazy when my mom threatened to yell “SHE LIKES YOU!” over the side of the pier), and one old dude that we both agreed should be way good at surfing, but he took hardly any waves the whole time so he proved to be pretty boring.

12:00pm: We checked out of our hotel and walked back down to the beach to put our toes in the sand one last time. We were down there for about 15 minutes when we were both like, “okay, let’s go home.” Not because we wanted to yet, but because we were both anticipating the trip and wanted to get it over with.

4:00pm: Still on the road. The drive back is always the worst. Thankfully, my mom drove the whole way (thanks, mom!) so I just got to kick back and relax. I slept for the first part of the ride, and then entertained my mother by acting as podcast DJ.

7:00pm: Home. Can we go back now?!


Week In The Life: Saturday

I am determined to finish out my Week In The Life here on the blog! So even though I’m a couple days behind because of my fun weekend getaway, bear with me as we have just two more posts here.

This weekend, my mom and I took a quick fun weekend trip to California. Salvation Mountain has been on my Bucket List for a while after I first saw it on Elsie’s blog years ago. It always looked like a cool place to visit, but it’s about a four hour drive, and there is NOTHING around it, so it seemed kind of silly to drive 8 hours there and back in one day. The perfect solution? Drive another two and a half hours and end up in San Diego! | Salvation Mountain Rear View Mirror Beach Carrie Momfriend and Carrie Carrie in sand6:20am: Leave the house with me behind the steering wheel. (not pictured)

11:30am: Arrive at Salvation Mountain. Follow the Yellow Brick Road, but only halfway up because the mountain might break, or I will. Get overheated.

1:00pm: Switched seats so I could be a passenger for a while since I was hangry.

3:00pm: Ahhh…on the beach at last. I insisted on walking in the surf, so it was my own fault a huge wave came up and made me look like I’d peed my pants. Boo.

6:00pm: After an hour long nap, we went down to the beach to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

7:00pm: One of the happiest moments of my trip was writing stuff in the sand. It just makes me feel zen. I wrote all of my besties’ names in the sand and Snapchatted them pictures and it made me smile.


Week In The Life: Friday

Soooo…bad news. I have a cat that’s trouble, and today he bit a hole through my computer monitor cord (which is covered in that cat yucky stuff, which apparently doesn’t bother him). He’s left my computer screen with a nice tint of blue. Thanks, Kirby. This makes it very hard to edit photos, since I have to rely on memory of how the color should look. So until that’s fixed, don’t judge the colors of my photos, k? Thanks. | Starbucks at work | vitamin c | Laundry | Pets | Carrie on Couch8:30am: Starbucks was necessary this morning at work.

11:00am: Feeling like I am starting to get a cold, so I drank a cup mixed with that nasty Emergen-C powder. Yuck.

6:00pm: Laundry and folding towels fresh out of the dryer.

7:00pm: Trying to take a picture of Kirby who hasn’t sat on my table like that since he was a kitten, then Marcus came in to get in on the action and I welcomed it.

9:00pm: Lying on my couch playing Candy Crush on my phone.


Week In The Life: Thursday

I am super loving this Week In The Life project. It’s been super inspiring for me to be carrying my camera around with me everywhere. This was exactly what I needed to get back in the habit of using my “big camera” every day.

Thursday I took too many pictures, which is never a bad thing, amIright? I’ve already decided that I’m going to do an extra page in my Project Life spread that is just an overview for the whole week, so even though I’m only working with five spots during each day, I’ll be able to include any extras I love at the end. I’ve already got my pages mostly complete for Monday through Wednesday, and I am LOVING the way it’s coming together. This is definitely a project I’ll be playing along with every year now. | work shelf | cookie and milk | podcast phone | Kirby on the table | Carrie Doing Dishes | Painting nails

10:00am: I’ve been rearranging my office a lot lately…I like mixing stuff up to keep me inspired. I moved some shelves around today and rehung my Jason Mraz poster that’s been down for a bit. It makes me so happy.

2:00pm: Afternoon treat, thanks to my awesome boss!

5:15pm: Driving home from work and listening to one of my current favorite podcasts, Pod Is My Copilot.

6:00pm: I just cannot keep this darn cat off of my craft table. I’ve got a lot going on in that room right now…don’t judge. This is real life.

8:00pm: Doing dishes. My least favorite chore in the history of chores. A kitchen photoshoot made it a little more bearable. Just a little though.

9:30pm: Painting my nails.