Currently: September | Carrie Camera

thinking about final renovations in my craft room – specifically where I want shelves hung. I was thinking of hanging them on the purple wall, but I kind of love having it completely bare. It’s such a cool statement wall.

taking lots of pictures again, but not working on Project Life as much as I’d like to be keeping up on it.

wanting so much from my life, but not sure of the best path to take yet. I feel like I am at a crossroads.

wishing that I would win the lottery and just travel the world.

itching like a crazy woman at my fingers because I am having a bad eczema outbreak right now. No fun! Any tips to clear it up? I’ve had it my whole life and still haven’t found the magic cure.

freaking out excited for the Body of Work Live event that I get to attend, and fangirling over how excited I am to (hopefully) meet my idol mentor, Todd Henry there.

starting Weight Watchers again and looking forward to getting back on track since that program has really worked for me in the past.

watching the Beatles Anthology and The Dick Van Dyke Show (random, I know). Also rented Good Ol’ Freda from iTunes the other night, and I LOVED it. It’s a documentary about the Beatles secretary during the height of their fame. AND I saw a preview of Captain Phillips last night and it was great, but very very very intense. Movie Watching City for me lately.

feeling overwhelmed with all of the tasks that are piling up on me – both at work and at home.

sending love to my friends who just lost someone dear to them. My heart is heavy for them. ♥