Week In The Life: Friday

Soooo…bad news. I have a cat that’s trouble, and today he bit a hole through my computer monitor cord (which is covered in that cat yucky stuff, which apparently doesn’t bother him). He’s left my computer screen with a nice tint of blue. Thanks, Kirby. This makes it very hard to edit photos, since I have to rely on memory of how the color should look. So until that’s fixed, don’t judge the colors of my photos, k? Thanks.

RosalindRevival.com | Starbucks at work RosalindRevival.com | vitamin c RosalindRevival.com | Laundry RosalindRevival.com | Pets RosalindRevival.com | Carrie on Couch8:30am: Starbucks was necessary this morning at work.

11:00am: Feeling like I am starting to get a cold, so I drank a cup mixed with that nasty Emergen-C powder. Yuck.

6:00pm: Laundry and folding towels fresh out of the dryer.

7:00pm: Trying to take a picture of Kirby who hasn’t sat on my table like that since he was a kitten, then Marcus came in to get in on the action and I welcomed it.

9:00pm: Lying on my couch playing Candy Crush on my phone.