Week In The Life: Sunday

At last…here we are at my final post for Week In The Life 2013. WITL was an awesome project, and one that I want to continue to do year after year now. I didn’t let myself get bummed out or disappointed when I saw other peoples’ blogs with 50 pictures from their day, because I knew that snapping just five great pictures per day would be a great thing for me to accomplish right now. It definitely helped me to get back in the swing of using my “big camera,” and I have thought to myself several times over the past couple of days, “oh, silly Carrie, you don’t have to take pictures of that tiny thing that happened to you today because you’re not doing Week In The Life anymore.” Taking pictures is a good habit for me to get in to EVERYday.

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9:30am: Were you jealous of that breakfast on the beach picture for a moment? Yeah, you shouldn’t be. It was a GORGEOUS view that was worth the cost of the $8 breakfast burrito, but the burrito itself was disgusting. My mom and I split it and we ate most of it while we were sitting there, but now that I’m looking back at that picture it makes me want to barf.

10:00am: We walked for quite a while on the San Diego boardwalk. Conversations mostly related to how skinny we would be if we lived there, because we would walk/bike/jog every day, and about the houses that line the boardwalk. We both agreed that we check out the houses just as much as we check out the ocean.

11:00am: Walked out onto the pier and stared at the dozens of surfers for a good long while. There were two in particular that we chose to pick on – one SUPER hot long-haired boy that I drooled over for too long (and blushed like crazy when my mom threatened to yell “SHE LIKES YOU!” over the side of the pier), and one old dude that we both agreed should be way good at surfing, but he took hardly any waves the whole time so he proved to be pretty boring.

12:00pm: We checked out of our hotel and walked back down to the beach to put our toes in the sand one last time. We were down there for about 15 minutes when we were both like, “okay, let’s go home.” Not because we wanted to yet, but because we were both anticipating the trip and wanted to get it over with.

4:00pm: Still on the road. The drive back is always the worst. Thankfully, my mom drove the whole way (thanks, mom!) so I just got to kick back and relax. I slept for the first part of the ride, and then entertained my mother by acting as podcast DJ.

7:00pm: Home. Can we go back now?!