Week In The Life: Thursday

I am super loving this Week In The Life project. It’s been super inspiring for me to be carrying my camera around with me everywhere. This was exactly what I needed to get back in the habit of using my “big camera” every day.

Thursday I took too many pictures, which is never a bad thing, amIright? I’ve already decided that I’m going to do an extra page in my Project Life spread that is just an overview for the whole week, so even though I’m only working with five spots during each day, I’ll be able to include any extras I love at the end. I’ve already got my pages mostly complete for Monday through Wednesday, and I am LOVING the way it’s coming together. This is definitely a project I’ll be playing along with every year now. RosalindRevival.com | work shelf RosalindRevival.com | cookie and milk RosalindRevival.com | podcast phone RosalindRevival.com | Kirby on the table RosalindRevival.com | Carrie Doing Dishes RosalindRevival.com | Painting nails

10:00am: I’ve been rearranging my office a lot lately…I like mixing stuff up to keep me inspired. I moved some shelves around today and rehung my Jason Mraz poster that’s been down for a bit. It makes me so happy.

2:00pm: Afternoon treat, thanks to my awesome boss!

5:15pm: Driving home from work and listening to one of my current favorite podcasts, Pod Is My Copilot.

6:00pm: I just cannot keep this darn cat off of my craft table. I’ve got a lot going on in that room right now…don’t judge. This is real life.

8:00pm: Doing dishes. My least favorite chore in the history of chores. A kitchen photoshoot made it a little more bearable. Just a little though.

9:30pm: Painting my nails.